"Japanese quality” made in Thailand

MKK Asia is ready to propose high quality facilities and plants at low cost within the required delivery time by a reliable quality control and well organized construction management which Japanese-owned companies are renowned.

    Assisted by Japanese engineers, MKK Asia is able to supply well-proven design services at very competitive prices thanks to its staff of talented Thai engineers.
    Leveraging a proud track record in plant construction established over almost two decades in Thailand by Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha Ltd. (The parent company of MKK Asia.) MKK Asia guarantees high levels of safety, quality assurance and delivery management.
    Leveraging its extensive network of vendors both at home and abroad. MKK Asia is able to supply customers with high quality materials and reliable equipments at low cost.

MKK Asia's Engineering Field

Petrochemical and Other Chemical Plant

  • Petroleum
    • - H2S remover by amine way
    • - Sulfur recovery unit
    • - Tail gas processor
    • - Stinking water treatment Unit
    • - Petroleum refinery
  • Semiconductor ・EL
    • - Solution Production Plant for Semiconductor & EL
    • - Functionality Chemicals Plant
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
    • - Inorganic chemical production Unit (Carbon products)
    • - Organic chemical production Unit (Polymer and fine chemical)
    • - Production unit of basic chemistry items

Food Production and Processing Plant

  • Medicine・Food
    • - High-pressure hydrogenation unit
    • - Ultralow temperature synthetic reactor
    • - Cooking oil production unit

Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs
Intermediates Production Plants

    • - Bulk production unit of medical supplies
    • - Fermentation & cultivation unit


  • Hydrogen
    • - Hydrogen station
    • - (on-site and offsite)
    • - Hydrogen production unit
  • Energy
    • - Synthesis Gas Manufacturing Plant
    • - SNG Manufacturing Plant
    • - LNG Satellite
    • - LNG Terminal Related Equipment
  • Element machine & construction
    • - Machine Design & Manufacturing
    • - Maintenance & Various Construction work

MKK Asia’s Engineering System

Design review meeting shall be opened for function confirmation of plant.

Design Tool for Expansion work and Modification work in Existing area

3D scan technology shall be used for minimize risk by MKK Asia’s according to the situation.